Your life is a precious gift.

No matter how hard things are right now there is a solution to your problems.

You don’t have to struggle any longer; you don’t have to feel pain anymore.

I’m Jennifer Alexander and I’m so glad you’re joining me here.

Today I live a great life. I travel to exotic locations around the world; have close family relationships; great friends; and a job that I absolutely love!

But it wasn’t always that way. Throughout my life I’ve suffered with bouts of depression. Sometimes triggered by stress, sometimes by traumatic events.

I tried everything to overcome the depression. The only solution medical doctors offered were harsh drugs that poisoned my body and gave me horrible side-effects.

Then I found a solution that got to the root cause of my problem; something that had never been addressed before. The depression went away almost overnight.

As a result of my change I developed my own system, “From Resistance to Results” (R2R). Since developing this system I’ve helped suffers of depression become emotionally free quickly, naturally and without medication.

I now specialize in helping individuals overcome depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation in six sessions or less. Did you know that depression plays a role in most people’s lives? In fact, according to World Health Organization depression is among the leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects over 121 million people and takes the lives of over 850,000 people every year. Most of my clients have tried everything to feel better but nothing lasts.

One of my most recent clients said this…

“I was lost and confused with no hope for my future. 6 weeks ago I attempted suicide. My psychiatrist wanted me on medication and offered no hope for a real solution to my problems. After my first session with Jennifer I noticed a remarkable change. Where I was once hopeless and skeptical, I am now open and excited. Within just a few hours Jennifer seemed to understand me like none of my psychologists or psychiatrists ever have, even after years of therapy.”

This fellow found me when nothing else was worked. His psychiatrist told him to try slapping himself in the face as a solution to his depression. In fact, most of the people I work with have been to psychologists or counsellors for 10-20 years with very little results. These same people typically experience life changing breakthroughs in our first session.

Another client, I recently worked with, overcame 34 years of depression quickly. Her family was overwhelmed with joy to their daughter, sister, and cousin back.

What Others in the Medical Community Are Saying About  Jennifer…

“Over the course of my career in medicine and psychotherapy I have encountered many mental health practitioners and in my opinion Jennifer is among the best I have known.  She has a natural talent and ability that allows her to intuit and identify the core issues underlying people’s complaints, and this coupled with her skill as a therapist provides tremendous benefit to her students and clients alike.  I can’t say enough good things about Jennifer as a helping professional and as a teacher.”

– Diane Shaw M.D., M.A. Counselling

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Jennifer Alexander

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